What Makes the Best Brownie

Bake time and temperature play a big part in making your brownie cooked, but not cakey. There is a very fine line between a raw uncooked brownie, spilling out it's chocolatey middle all over your plate, to your bake being able to stand firm on it's own two feet, retaining it's integrity, whilst being still fudgy and delicious. So get to know the perfect point of removing the brownie from the oven, you want a little wobble, or as we call it "The truffle shuffle".

Brownie Recipes

You get out, what you put in. That's why we recommend using the best ingredients you can afford and stick to using these elements to make the best brownies. We have a list of recipes for you to try here. 

    salted caramel brownie recipe

    Baking Tips

    Split brownies can really ruin your day, that's why it's really important to emulsify all those fats together. Mixing butter and chocolate is aided by the eggs, similar to making mayonnaise. The flour element to the recipe can really bring everything together. If things are still looking a separated, a little splash of water can help emulsify the batter.


    Can I bake brownies in any type of tray or tin?

    Kind of. Remember different metals conduct heat differently. We like steel trays and we use Wilton ones. Glass dishes are never good as they take ages to heat up and then will get too hot and overcook the brownies.

    Can I use cocoa powder instead of melted chocolate?

    If you want a chocolate cake then use cocoa powder. But we think the gooeyness and chewiness of a brownie is key to making it what it is, a brownie.

    Is a brownie a cake?

    We believe so. Although it's more of a category of cake and has it's own identity. In the same way a blondie is actually a cookie recipe.

    Can I make my brownie cakey?

    No. Just make a cake if you like a light sponge. Cakey brownies a quite often dry and hard, they have none of the qualities of cake and certainly none of a good brownie. So avoid raising agents, too many dry ingredients and don't whip too much air into the mix. 

    Can I jazz up my brownie?

    Ha! Marijuana, Weed, Cannabis brownies can be fun. See our recipe at the top of the page for the link. 

    Can I make vegan brownies?

    Totally. We have a great recipe link at the top of the page. 

    brownie with nuts

    Brownie Ingredients 

    You need to start off on the right foot. Without good ingredients, you'll never have a good brownie. Remember you can't polish a brownie! 

    Chocolate - This is the star of the show. Commit to the good stuff. Valrhona is a good starting point, or find the more specialty makers, such as Pump Street or Willie's Cacao. Read more about our chocolate here
    Butter - Butter is the cream of the cream, it's an absolute luxury, so embrace it. Coconut oil or other butter substitutes can be used, but don't taste as good. Read more about butter here
    Nuts - Nuts and chocolate complement each other, that's why is good to cram some nuts in your brownie recipe. We use ground almonds instead of flour, which brings so much flavour. Read more about nuts here
    Eggs - Free range eggs from happy chickens will bring a goodness to your bakes, with added richness, nutrition and better bake. Read more on eggs here
    Sugar - Think of sugar as a form of seasoning, like salt. It can elevate a bake and bring balance, but too much and it'll ruin everything. 
    Salt - A touch of salt can bring out the depth and quality of your chocolate.

      bake it, slice it, eat it recipe book

      Our Cookbook

      We've got a whole chapter in our book dedicated to brownie recipes. 

      It starts with the more basic recipes, but works up towards the more technical ones to really test your brownie making skills.

      If you've never made a brownie before, or if you're a seasoned pro, we're sure you'll love our book -  Bake It. Slice It. Eat It - give it a whirl.