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Opinel Pocket Knife

If you have plans going outdoors foraging, make sure to add a pocket knife to your order and prepare yourself a bag full of brownie to fuel the ramblings. 

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The Nutcracker Brownie

Festive Nutcracker letterbox brownie. Not only does it taste good, it does good, too: for every Nutcracker sold we will donate a meal to the hunger-fighting charity Food Cycle.

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Air Plant

Whether it's a Happy New Home or Happy Birthday to low maintenance plant keepers, this cutie is a grand gesture but small enough to fit in the same box with a brownie.

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Blood Orange Brownie

A perfect (vegan) affair between Chocolate and Blood Orange. Delivered to the door.

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Fruit and Nut Brownie

Fruit and Nut Letterbox Brownie Gift

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A cake company with an appetite for change in the way you experience your treats. We aim to light a fuse under the mass produced mediocrity of flabby, margarine laden, additive riddled cakes, and emerge from the flavourless rubble with something resembling a monument to flavour, texture and the people and products that make that possible. So join us in a cake revolution, and get your taste buds popping.

We're a retail & wholesale cake company with an ethical stance on the ingredients we use, the people we work with and the products we make. We've been slowly building these principles since 2011 and believe that they have helped us to make better products in a better way, and will help us to keep improving as we continue on our sweet and sticky journey. Check out our letterbox brownies & shop to see our cakes, or visit our cafe if you happen to be in our neck of the woods.