Each Bite of Exploding Bakery Cake Gives Back

Whether it's for an anniversary, birthday, or simply a tasty treat, know that each time you order a cake or brownie delivery, it contributes to planting trees. Click below to browse our range...

We are members of 1% for the Planet; a global movement inspiring businesses and individuals to support environmental solutions, through an annual donation of 1% of their turnover. Through them, we have partnered with Surfers Against Sewage and Guardians Of Tropical Forests in Colombia. This means that every bite of an Exploding Bakery cake contributes directly to helping us save our rivers and coastlines in the UK and protect extinct species in Colombia through our chocolate supplier Casa Luker.

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When it came to getting eggs for Exploding Bakery cakes and brownies we knew who to go too. St Ewe Free Range Eggs are a multi-award winning free-range egg producer and packer hailing from Cornwall in the Southwest of England.


We work directly with a Colombian company called Casa Luker who grow high-grade cacao. Most importantly, they’re slavery-free and have pledged not to cut down the rainforest. We travelled to Colombia to stay on the Casa Luker farm and see the chocolate being made. This enabled us to understand what it takes to turn this incredible bean into delicious chocolate and the effect it has on the land, local community and global environment.


Our flour comes from a farm called Shipton Mill, meaning no synthetic fertilisers or pesticides are used. Organic farmers use natural methods like crop rotation and companion planting (bi-cropping) to keep the soil healthy and pests at bay.


When it comes to Exploding Bakery cakes and brownies we work with Westcountry butter makers, Trewithen Dairy focusing on environmentally and ethically friendly farming methods. They also involve themselves in preserving the bee population, a committed plan to using solar energy and targets for reaching zero waste, they’re certainly a company that we are proud to work with.

Inner packaging

Inner packaging

Cake tray

Your cake will arrive in a paper tray. We recommend carefully pulling each corner of this try apart to make it easier to cut and serve your cake. This tray is recyclable, however we recommend washing it first before passing it onto your local recycling authority.


We have put together some leaflets to help you get the most out of your cakes and brownies. These are all 100% recyclable. Why print these? Often our cakes and brownies are sent as gifts and the recipient has no prior knowledge of or products. We hate waste and these leaflets help people get the very best out of their brownies. The ink used to print with is vegan and fully biodegradable.

Waxed cake paper

This wax cake paper has an important job as it helps your brownie or cake arrive in the very best condition. Due to this paper being waxed unfortunately it is not recyclable at this moment in time. That said we are working hard to find alternatives that will protect your brownie just as well and still be recyclable.

Packing Chips

Sometimes there might be some space in your box that needs filling to keep your order safe. To do this we use foam packing chips. These chips are made from 100% biodegrade starch and are compostable.

Outer packaging

Outer packaging

Courier Box

Your cake will arrive in a rather jazzy outer protective box. This box is made from cardboard and 100% recyclable. This box has been designed to protect your cake on its speedy journey to you. By protecting your cake this box means that we can reduce any unnecessary transit emissions.


We use a little sticker to keep the waxed cake paper nicely wrapped around your cake. This sticker is printed with vegan ink that is biodegradable. The sticker itself is also recyclable.


We use a small amount of tape on the courier box to make sure all your goodies inside don’t fall out. This tape is made from 100% recycled plastic. It is also free from PVC and solvents. This tape is currently not recyclable so we make sure to only use what is necessary.

Cake box

Your cake comes in a pretty cool box. This box is made from 100% cardboard and fully recyclable.

Other Products

Other Products


Bird & Blend Tea put a lot of time to source some of the best tasting and ethical teas from around the world. They have also put as much work into making sure their packaging meets the same high standards as the products that go in it. The foil lined bags that your tea comes in is recyclable. However this is not universal so please check with your local recycling authority.


We have teamed up with like-minded coffee roasters to give you some awesome coffee to pair with some banging brownie. Our great tasting coffee comes in bags that are widely recyclable. Put your used coffee bag with your other plastic recycling. More great news, these bags are made using carbon neutral production.