We think that when it comes to suppliers, you get out what you put in. This goes for the care, consideration and good vibes we add to the making of our products, the ingredients we use, and service we provide. With this in mind, we forge meaningful relationships with like minded suppliers, building trust, honesty and a long term plan to make the best cake we can.

Here is a list of some of our trusted suppliers and what makes them special;


We find that working directly with companies is the best way to really connect with the ingredients and be happy with its quality. It’s easier doing this with our local suppliers but with chocolate, it’s harder and we think worth going the extra mile. Which is why we travelled to Colombia to stay on the Casa Luker farm and see the chocolate being made. This enabled us to understand what it takes to turn this incredible bean into delicious chocolate and the effect it has on the land, local community and global environment. Casa Luker aren’t just makers of incredible single origin chocolate, they are deeply committed to creating a better and more sustainable way of doing things. This is evident in the many projects and research efforts that they set up, support and maintain. It’s super exciting to be using such an delicious product that can be traced right back to the root and knowing that it is at the heart of something good.

Luker Chocolate

Trewithen Dairy

Real butter, that’s why we’ve started working exclusively with Westcountry butter makers, Trewithen Dairy. These guys are a family run business through and through and have years of experience. They certainly know how to treat a cow right and are also doing many other good things in the industry both environmentally and ethically. With irons in the fire on projects for preserving the bee population, a committed plan to using solar energy and targets for reaching zero waste, they’re certainly a company that we are proud to work with.

Trewithen Dairy


We’ve been friends with LittlePod since we started the bakery and share a common interest in quality, provenance and passion. Janet, the owner of the company, has an untameable drive for spreading the good word and never shirks an opportunity to chat all things Vanilla. LittlePod even put on a National Real Vanilla Day where you can learn more about this wonderful plant, and the process involved in making it.



A Love of Eggs. A Passion for Welfare. An Obsession for Good Food and Nutrition.

St Ewe Free Range Eggs are a multi-award winning free-range egg producer and packer hailing from Cornwall in the Southwest of England. They have been farming for over 40 years. With family values at their heart and nutrition at their core, they have wholeheartedly dedicated themselves to producing an egg for everybody. Through innovative approaches, developing unique brands, being mindful of their impact on the environment and always making sure the hens’ welfare comes first. Eggs never tasted so good!

Our Café suppliers

If you come into our cafe, you'll see that we don't make a big song and dance about it, but the suppliers we use are the absolute best around. We believe that the proof is in the pudding and that you don't need to shout from the rooftops when you can talk face to face.

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