We work closely with Food & Forest to source sustainably produced nuts. Together we can ensure that the almonds and pistachios that we use are from farms that operate sustainably. Food & Forest is a community interest company established to expand the use of agroforestry. A practice that ensures farming techniques work with and give back to the land rather than continually taking.

Food & Forest works to expand British nut agroforestry through market development, capacity building, and advocacy. What the hell does this mean? In practice, it means investing directly into U.K. cobnut orchards and developing best practices for harvest and post harvest processing. They are working hard to see this beneficial farming method scale up to reach its full potential.

 A single portion of the Exploding Bakery Lemon Polenta and Pistachio Cake. 

Most of the world's supply of almonds come from intensively farmed areas of California. Often using farming techniques that demand disproportionately large amounts of water to keep the practice going. However our 100% organic almonds come from a regenerative farming group based in Andalucia, Spain. Not only does this dramatically cut down on transport miles it also means we can build a relationship with the cool people harvesting the crop.

"Working with Exploding Bakery has been brilliant from the start, and really enabled us as a company to grow our business, fuelling the work we are doing on the ground with British nut farming."
Charlie Tebbutt, Food & Forest

If you fancy chomping on some cake that takes advantage of these regenerative nuts then the Lemon Polenta & Pistachio Cake is all you need. It's a whistle stop tour of the friendship between Exploding Bakery and Food & Forest as it shows off both the pistachios and the ground almonds we use.