Corporate Gifting


Exploding Bakery brownies are the perfect gift for your clients, employees and friends. All our Brownies are Gluten Free and half of them are also Vegan, taking much of the worry out of dietary requirements. Our letterbox brownies are a thoughtful way for you to express gratitude, inspire colleagues and connect with clients.

We have 12 fun flavours which can be delivered to people at home, a long with additions such as personal messages, balloons and bags of coffee.

Enquire by sending an email to & download our gifting form here.


We're guessing staff parties are not going to happen this year, so you can always send your staff a gift to say thank you, good work, have fun.

We can send packages directly to their home, or we can send bulk orders to your work place for collection or for you to do your own distribution


You can boost morale and productivity by sending your staff a pick me up.

This small gesture will show your team that they're valued and help make working from home, that little bit easier.


We've been lucky to work with some great clients including supplying this years BAFTA Awards.

It's nice for our cakes to rub shoulders with the stars or heroic NHS staff, but we're also happy to work with any like minded business, big or small.


There's 12 choices for the cakes, but we're open to the idea of doing something bespoke.

We also have double boxes if you want to double up on cake or send a bag of coffee along side.

If you would like additional printed material, that's cool, we just a heads up.