By whipping some air into the mix, your eggs bring a slight lift to your bake in a soufflé fashion. Unhappy chickens will produce sorry eggs and make sad cakes. Please don’t keep your eggs in the fridge; if you do, get them out the day before you use them.

 Chickens in a field.

Photo Credit: St Ewe Free Range Eggs.

When it came to getting eggs for Exploding Bakery cakes and brownies we knew who to go too. St Ewe Free Range Eggs are a multi-award winning free-range egg producer and packer hailing from Cornwall in the Southwest of England. They have been farming for over 40 years. With family values at their heart and nutrition at their core, they have wholeheartedly dedicated themselves to producing an egg for everybody. Through innovative approaches, developing unique brands, being mindful of their impact on the environment and always making sure the hens’ welfare comes first.