Love Rocks Gift


Love Rocks!

Send some positive energy with Love Rocks. Each rock has been selected to help to bring calming love and care or turn up the volume to 11 in your love life, depending on the purpose of use.
Pop them under your pillow for sweet vibes or hold them in your hand to cast loving intentions.
Comes in a gift bag as a set of four. Each crystal has been hand cleansed and smudged by sage.
Four Crystals. Packed in an eco friendly cotton gift bag. Crystal sizes vary from 1-2 cm.

Known as the stone of love or heart chakra. This rock brings harmony in relationships, as well as activating and clearing the heart.

Heavily associated with divine feminine energy, the moonstone attracts love into one’s life. Balancing emotions and creates mutual understanding.

Opens sacral chakra - physical and sexual energy. The carnelian rock brings passion and sensuality.

Rose quartz.
The rock of unconditional love. Brings warm and loving energy into a relationship. The rose quartz inspires compassion and is great for self-love.

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