You may or may not have heard about the current chocolate crisis. 2024 has seen record high cacao prices.


Poor harvests in extreme weather conditions have led to a tripling of cocoa prices past 8 months. Although prices have shot up, many farmers will not see the benefits, it will be the hedge fund holders and external overseas production.

We are refusing to compromise on the quality of our bakes, regardless the sky high prices.

Our first cake that we ever made in our tiny bakery/cafe back in the day was our original 'The Exploding Brownie'. We wanted to create a brownie that was so good you simply couldn't stop eating it, once you had bitten off a chunk. It had to be all about the quality.


That's why we use Luker Chocolate, single origin Colombian Chocolate. Not only they source outstanding cacao, they are also genuinely good people to work with. Chocolate farmers at Luker Chocolate will benefit from the global price rises directly.

We are happy to say our Colombian crop hasn’t suffered but we’ve definitely felt the pinch when buying in some of the best chocolate in the world. But we think it's all worth it. We can stay proud of the product we make and we also think it's so important to support like minded, smaller companies.


Luker Chocolate are a company who invests a great deal in giving back to their local communities. This year, through 1% For The Planet, we’ve joined forces by creating a program that will protect one of the rarest forests in Colombia as well as educating the local farmers and communities about the importance of preserving the almost extinct forest and its species. This is a well planned, 3 year educational program and we are excited to see the progress along the way as well as keeping you updated!

By munching on our brownies you are also helping us to care for our planet, making it a perfect reason to celebrate the world chocolate day.