For too long, we’ve been sold bars that are low-grade, slave-made and planet-harming. Sure, they might taste sweet and familiar, but the best chocolate transcends those basic flavour profiles, bringing in fruity caramels and nutty earthiness, and even hints of smokiness and coffee. So choose well and it will add myriad layers of flavour to a simple brownie or ganache. Some cocoa butter is a good thing when it comes to baking, so it’s best to avoid anything that’s 75 per cent cocoa solids or more, as the resulting bake will be too dry.

 Coco pods drying before being made into chocolate.

Photo Credit: Casa Luker.

We work directly with a Colombian company called Casa Luker who grow high-grade cacao. Most importantly, they’re slavery-free and have pledged not to cut down the rainforest. We travelled to Colombia to stay on the Casa Luker farm and see the chocolate being made. This enabled us to understand what it takes to turn this incredible bean into delicious chocolate and the effect it has on the land, local community and global environment.

 Coca Farmer form Casa Luker drying coca pods.
 Coca pods drying. The inside of a coca pod.

Photo Credit: Casa Luker. 

Casa Luker aren’t just makers of incredible single origin chocolate, they are deeply committed to creating a better and more sustainable way of doing things. This is evident in the many projects and research efforts that they set up, support and maintain.

It’s super exciting to be using such a delicious product that can be traced right back to the root and knowing that it is at the heart of something good. All of the Exploding Bakery Brownies are crammed full of delicious chocolate from Casa Luker.