Currently our Exploding Coffee is from Marysabel Caballero, who is a 3rd generation coffee farmer from Honduras. Marysabel’s great-grandfather Felipe produced coffee back in 1907. He transported his coffee by donkeys and ox carts from Marcala to the nearest port in El Salvador. Their family business is seriously committed towards environmental sustainability. On the farm where the coffee is grown, they create their own organic fertiliser and the farm also grows a variety of plants to encourage biodiversity, and protect the area from deforestation. The Caballero family also understand the importance of community and really look after their pickers and farm workers, providing work all year round and pay above the average wage.

 Coffee growers next to bags of green coffee beans.

This coffee is roasted by our buddies at Round Hill Roastery in Somerset, who visit the farm in Honduras each year. We’ve been working with Eddie and his team for nearly 10 years now, we’ve never had a duff cup of coffee, they always buy the best green beans in the world, but more importantly, the company is transparent on their supply chain and how much they pay for their green coffee (this is what the beans are called before they’re roasted). The prices of specialty grade coffee is always beyond Fairtrade and the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) is a nonprofit global platform that oversees this coffee is above a certain quality, it’s environmentally and ethically sourced, but most importantly reinforced a worldwide community of growers, importers, roasters, brewers and drinkers.

 Coffee growers.
 Green coffee beans. Coffee beans being roasted.

It’s not a coincidence that Marysabel Caballero works with some of the most respected people in the world’s coffee scene, including Stumptown, Tim Wendelboe and Nordic Approach. Her coffee has also had success in the Cup Of Excellence Award.


We’re super proud to work with great people and help people get better coffee in their cup. So if you’re gifting this coffee to someone, you can also be proud to give something that's good to the core and help the world to drink better coffee.