Exploding Bakery Speciality Coffee Peru


Round Hill Roastery 250g.

Origin: Peru.

Process: Washed

Taste: Orange, Marzipan, Milk Chocolate

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Exploding Bakery and Roundhill have been really blown away by the quality of coffee in Peru over the past few years. Condorpuna is the name given to a community blend made by 35 producers all farming in an area called Lonya Grande in the Amazonas region. Condorpuna is the highest hill in the central mountain range that divides the river basins of the Utcubamaba and Marañón rivers.

These 35 coffee producers are all part of a Cooperative called Norcafé which was born as a group of young university students, children of small producers with the same objective: to work together to promote continuous improvement of quality and opportunities. It was formalized in 2015 with the participation of 100 families. Currently, there are more than 470 families that are part of this project.

Each producer was paid 800 PEN per quintal to put this in context the average cost of production is 320-400 PEN per quintal. A quintal is 55.2kg of parchment (unmilled coffee). Each farm is approx 2 hectares and an average yield is 15-18 quintiles per hectare however very well managed farms can easily double the volume per hectare.

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