If you come into our cafe, you'll see that we don't make a big song and dance about it, but the suppliers we use are the absolute best around. We believe that the proof is in the pudding and that you don't need to shout from the rooftops when you can talk face to face. But below are some of the folk we like to work with.


We've been working with Eddie from Round Hill for a few years now, and after trying nearly every other specialty coffee roastser in the UK, we think these guys provide the best beans. Although quality focused, they're also geared towards buying directly from farmers and paying a fair price. The origin of our beans will change a few times a year depending on what is in season, but we always get the good stuff.

Round Hill Roastery


Martin Bragg has been pulling award winning vegetables out of the ground for 20 years. We really champion buying local & organic and the importance of using whatever is in season. We fill our Frittata and Salads with his delicious produce.

Shillingford Organics


Luckily the Quickes estate is just a few miles down the road. Mary Quicke has a crew of wonderful cheese makers and a herd of grass chomping cows to help her produce some of the best cheese in the World.



These folks produce an ethical range of fizzy drinks using organic & Fairtrade ingredients. But the heart of their business is to support farming communities in Africa. So with each sale, part of your money will help provide education, build infrastructure and give bursaries to girls to go to school in Sierra Leone.

Karma Drinks


The Watson family have been the champions organic farming for decades now and we love what they stand for. We find that un-homogenised milk from pasture fed cows is the best for our coffee. We only use the whole milk, because it balances the drinks perfectly with the sweetness of lactose.

Riverford Dairy

Our Wholesale suppliers

We think that when it comes to suppliers, you get out what you put in. This goes for the care, consideration and good vibes we add to the making of our products, the ingredients we use, and service we provide. With this in mind, we forge meaningful relationships with like minded suppliers, building trust, honesty and a long term plan to make the best cake we can.

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