Thermos isn't just about the sip; it’s about the setting. While they perfect the art of temperature maintenance for your beverages, they recognise the value of pairing delicious swig along side scoffing Exploding Bakery cakes during your outdoor escapades. Whether you're atop a snow-draped mountain or lounging by a sun-kissed beach, our collaboration ensures you have the two best companions: a comforting drink and a heavenly slice.

 Woman holding Cake and Thermos

Our cakes have consistently made waves across popular food blogs and digital channels. They’re not just concoctions of sugar and flour; they’re expressions of passion, innovation, and adventure. And when Thermos knocked on our door, we saw a vision: our cakes being savored in every imaginable outdoor backdrop.

Picture it: taking a moment after a trek, with the world unfolding beneath, while you sip from your Thermos and bite into our best-selling Salted Caramel Chocolate Brownie. Every outdoor moment, intensified.

This isn’t a mere collaboration; it's a movement. A call to every wanderer, adventurer, and dreamer to make their outdoor moments even more memorable. With Thermos by your side and our cakes in your hand, every exploration becomes a treat.

 Picnic on a field

So, as the world beckons with its beauty, make sure you’re armed with the best: a trusty Thermos and a slice from the Exploding Bakery. Every view, every sunset, every shared laugh is just better with a bite of our cake, especially as we’re members of One Percent for the Planet. We love the wild world and want all to respect and appreciate it’s beauty. And if you didn’t know already, any company that’s a joined 1% For The Planet donates one percent of its turnover to environmental causes and charities.

And finally, you may have heard that we are currently running a Cake Escape Competition!

   The winner will take home £200 worth of goodies:

   - 1.2L Stainless King Flask

   - 710ML Stainless King Food Flask

   - Eco Cool bag 25L

   - 2 x Feldspar cake plates, handmade in Devon

   - Exploding Bakery Mug

   - Exploding Bakery Tea Towel

   - Exploding Bakery Tote Bag

   - Exploding Bakery Cake


   The competition closes on the 28th September so don’t miss your chance!

   Enter Here.

Embark, relish, and spread the sweetness. After all, every adventure deserves the Exploding Bakery touch and this is The Cake Escape.