Organic Cotton T-Shirts: Comfort with a Conscience

Being eco-conscious isn't just a passing trend for The Exploding Bakery—it's an integral part of their identity. We've always sourced our branded t-shirts from Stanley/Stella. For those not in the know, Stanley/Stella is a brand that's synonymous with sustainable clothing. They pride themselves on using 100% organic cotton, emphasising fair labor practices and prioritising eco-friendliness in all aspects of their supply chain.

Choosing organic cotton is not just about reducing environmental impact. It's also about offering a premium product that feels softer, lasts longer, and importantly, carries a story worth sharing. By making this choice, The Exploding Bakery isn't just wearing our brand, we're wearing our values.

man wearing organic t-shirt

A Local Touch: ATWORK Design Studio

Before diving into the printing, it's essential to acknowledge the creative minds behind the artwork that graces these t-shirts. Our friends at ATWORK design studio in Totnes were entrusted with this task, and they did not disappoint. Known for their innovative and bespoke designs, ATWORK seamlessly blended The Exploding Bakery's essence into an art piece fit for a canvas.

Collaborating with a local design studio not only supports the community but also ensured that the t-shirt's artwork resonated with the brand's core values and aesthetics.

Art That Speaks, Ethically Inked

To bring ATWORK's visionary design to life, The Exploding Bakery partnered with Fifth Column for screen printing. With over four decades of experience, Fifth Column combines traditional techniques with modern eco-friendly practices.

Their inks are water-based, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. But beyond the ink and print, it's the craftsmanship and dedication that make the difference. Fifth Column has always been about more than just screen printing; they're about creating art that lasts, in a manner that respects both the artisans and the planet.

    back of pink t-shirt with exploding bakery design print on back

    A Slice of the Future

    The Exploding Bakery invites its customers and fans to not just taste, but also wear their commitment to quality and sustainability. Every time someone dons one of these t-shirts, they're not just showcasing a brand—they're showcasing a belief in better, more conscious choices.

    In an age where fast fashion and disposability rule, decisions like these are a breath of fresh air. They remind us that businesses, no matter how delicious their primary offerings might be, can always sprinkle a little more goodness in the world.

    We hope our sustainability choices can inspire, and be as tempting as our baked delights. To the future, one slice (and stitch) at a time!


    If you want to wear one of these t-shirts, they can be founds in our online store here.