So, we came up with a unique giveaway! One fortunate winner takes home a handcrafted prize that celebrates the best of Devon: 'Made in Devon. Made by hand'. The Prize: 

+ Wanderlust Life Safi Layering Bracelet

+ Wanderlust Life Tangiers Orange Beaded Bracelet

+ Exploding Bakery Salted Caramel Brownie Traybake

+ Bake it, Slice it, Eat it Cookbook

+ Maverick Guide

+ Exploding Bakery Tea Towel 

Click here to enter. Giveaway entry closes on the 31st May.


We also took the opportunity to interview Wanderlust Life Director and Founder Georgie to find out more about this little yet special Braunton based creative studio;

You've mentioned on your website about your 'all female team'. Was this a conscious decision? What are the benefits of running an all female company?

We are predominantly a female team, and also a female-founded business. As a result, I think we do lead with female energy – we let our hearts lead the way. I think empathy, love and kindness in business are our superpowers, I don't see them as a weakness but a strength!


Do you make all your jewellery at your shop?

Pretty much! Over 80% of our pieces are made by hand in our gorgeous team in our sunny studios in North Devon, just a few doors down from our shop.

What was the first piece of jewellery you designed and what was the inspiration behind that?

My first creation was our fine cord gemstone necklace, and it still remains our enduring number-one bestseller! I wanted to create a piece of jewellery that held meaning but had a really pared-back look and feel. At the time, believe it or not, i didn't wear a lot of jewellery so wanted something really subtle. The design is simple and effortless, and I love the way that people can choose their own unique gemstone based on its colour, properties, or their birth month.

Fine Cord Necklace

Sustainability seems to be a huge deal at Wanderlust Life - from recently starting your B-Corp journey to recycling all gold and silver. How did you find the whole process of taking the first steps to sustainability? How would you encourage other small companies to follow the lead?

Nature is a constant inspiration, and so intrinsically we’ve always been determined to develop practices that preserve the environment, since starting the brand a decade ago. Our mission is all about passing on good energy, and that ripples down into all the facets of our approach to business - whether that's looking after our people in the form of our team, suppliers and makers, or caring for our planet through recycling schemes and treading lightly in terms of manufacture and small runs that yield less waste.

We’ve also started our B-Corp journey, and so we’re really focused on working towards continually striving to improve our business practices ethically and sustainably. As a business owner, I have a responsibility to choose to make better choices for people and the planet – we all do. My advice would be to make sustainability a priority and start making changes however small to do better!

How do you see Wanderlust Life Jewellery evolving in the next few years?

One of our company values is 'a space to thrive' and we believe that blooming is more important than getting bigger. We really value our community and we want to continue to bring them exciting new collections and provide experiential retail in fresh new ways.


Who would be your dream company to work with?

This is a tricky one as there are many brands that I admire. It would be a dream to work with Nobody's Child as I love their style and their ethos!