We are huge fans of spending time outdoors so each year we look forward to welcoming April, 'The Earth Month'. We always take our cakes to the best beauty spots, beaches and hikes. They are the perfect snack to fuel our ramblings because they are naturally wholesome.

We respect the simplicity of cake. We keep our ingredients list short, we add no fake flavours and we care for the planet by having a zero policy on plastic and palm oil.

We are also members of ‘1% For The Planet’ but what does that actually mean…?


As 1% For The Planet members, we get to choose environmental charities to work with by donating 1% of our annual revenue. This year we'll be donating our 1% of our revenue to two different organisations;

We love swimming and have a little staff swim club going but too often there are days when our waters are looking disgustingly murky because of the ongoing, shameful sewage issue that’s affecting the whole of the UK. This is why we decided to team up with Surfers Against Sewage to protect wild waters and are hoping to create more designated bathing areas. Bathing Water Designation creates blue spaces where water quality is officially monitored for harmful bacteria and viruses, with legal obligations placed on industry to stop sewage and agricultural pollution. This provides a powerful indicator of the state of our water and drives real change.


Another fabulous partner on our list for this year's donations is none other than our longtime pal, Luker Chocolate, our go-to cocoa producer. Luker Chocolate are a company who invests a great deal in giving back to their local communities. 

You may or may not have heard about the current chocolate crisis. Poor harvests in extreme weather conditions have led to a tripling of cocoa prices past 6 months. Although prices have shot up, many farmers will not see the benefits, it will be the hedge fund holders and external overseas production. We are happy to say our Colombian crop hasn’t suffered but we’ve definitely felt the pinch when buying in some of the best chocolate in the world. Although chocolate is currently very expensive, we will never compromise on the quality of our ingredients. We also know that our chocolate farmers at Luker Chocolate will benefit from the global price rises directly. 

This year, through 1% For The Planet, Luker Chocolate and us have joined forces by creating a program that will protect one of the rarest forests in Colombia as well as educating the local farmers and communities about the importance of preserving the almost extinct forest and its species. This is a well planned, 3 year educational program and we are excited to see the progress along the way as well as keeping you updated!


We also do 'our bit' in other ways.

We make sure all our ingredients we use are as local as possible and as sustainable as possible. The eggs we use come from our Cornish neighbours who allow their hens to roam free. Our butter comes from Trewithen Dairy, a company who treats their cows with love.

Not only does our cake packaging look explodingly good, it’s also planet friendly. We are proud to be working with a UK based packaging company called Freckl. This sustainable company stays clear of plastic and they make sure every product is recyclable and printed with eco friendly ink.

We've also recently bought a fully electric company van that we use to get around locally in Devon and Cornwall.

So really, Earth Day for us is business as usual and for you, by eating our cake, you've become part of an important, environmental movement.