At the Exploding Bakery we try to strip away the unnecessary frills. From toppings on the cakes we bake to the trays we serve coffee on at our café. Simple always seems to be best. Allowing the product to speak for itself. With that in mind and with a rather punk spirit here is a recipe for how to brew coffee at home that doesn’t need any specialist equipment. Grab some coffee and give it a go.

A cup for brewing in.
2 Spoons.
Boiling water.
Pre ground coffee.
Your favourite mug to enjoy your coffee.



  • As we don’t have scales to weigh the coffee, using a spoon guess about 15 grams. Add this coffee to your cup that you are going to brew in.
  • Now we need to add the boiling water. You’re looking to add between 200ml to 225ml.
  • Use a stop watch to time the brew for 4 minutes. If you watch hasn’t got a stop watch function we a pretty sure your phone will.
  • When the 4 minutes is up, use two spoons to scrape off all the scummy stuff off the top of your brew. This stuff doesn’t taste very good and there may be particles of coffee floating around.
  • Carefully tip the coffee into a mug. The trick here is to not disturb the coffee sediment at the bottom. This should mean you avoid having coffee grounds in your cup.
  • Enjoy.

This is a pretty easy recipe to scale up or down. For every gram of coffee you just add 15g of water. This is a brew ratio of 15:1. So for example if you have 100g of coffee the calculation would be 100 x 15 = 1500. Giving you 1500ml of water. You could use a sauce pan and make enough for 5 or 6 people.

Learning how to brew coffee at home can be a real joy. We are not saying that this will be your every day brew recipe forever but its a great way to get started brewing coffee at home. Then you can take your time to discover your next favourite brew method. Save those pennies and invest in your first piece of coffee brewing equipment.

So, if you where asking us what to move onto after this method? The simplicity and cost of the V60 makes it a pretty solid choice.

Grab some friends, cut up some cake and slurp on some freshly brewed coffee.