Workshop Coffee Cup



As the Golden Age of hospitality enveloped London and the UK, Workshop Coffee Roasters and The Exploding Bakery stood at the forefront of the culinary revolution. Their rise coincided with an era of innovation and creativity among East London's hipster community and Devon's cake connoisseurs. The anticipation was palpable as trendsetters and tastemakers sought the next groundbreaking experience.

Workshop Coffee Roasters established their sanctuary near Old Street roundabout, where patrons eagerly lined up for third wave espresso drinks transformed into fashion accessories by the baristas. The temple of taste had arrived, offering solace to coffee devotees in a world not to far removed from Nathan Barley.

Meanwhile, The Exploding Bakery crafted towering baked indulgences in Leyton and the wilds of Devon. Their flavours exploded upon the palate like fireworks, often pushing against conventional grain with gluten-free or vegan ingredients that enhanced taste and moisture.

In this extraordinary era, Workshop Coffee Roasters and The Exploding Bakery basked in the sun, fuelled by the passion of a generation hungry for the extraordinary. The intelligentsia of food embraced these establishments, seeking authenticity and artisanal craftsmanship in the vibrant aromas and daring tastes they offered.

The legacy of Workshop Coffee Roasters and The Exploding Bakery endures, etched in the canals of the UK's illustrious hospitality scene. Though the Golden Age may have faded, the spirit of innovation and the pursuit of food & drink experiences continue to shape the café landscape. The hipsters on their fixed-wheel racers, the seekers of epicurean adventures, propelled these establishments to dizzying heights of success. The Olympic torch for a great cafe scene in the UK burns on.

To celebrate our collaboration we're running a competition with Workshop. To enter, click on the link below.

Workshop Coffee x Exploding Bakery