Hey there, café aficionados and farm shop legends! Remember those days when you'd sink your teeth into something so delicious, you'd wish you could teleport back to that exact moment? Well, guess what? We at The Exploding Bakery are about to drop some nostalgia bomb and bring back some absent friends.

dark and seedy flapjack exploding bakery recipe seeds molasses treacle

This October, we're pulling out two of our legendary bakes from the vault for all you wonderful coffee shops, farm shops, restaurants and delicatessens. We're talking about the notorious Lumberjack Cake and the infamous Seedy Flapjack. They're back in their full glory, ready to jazz up your display counters and set up camp on your dessert menus!

If you didn’t know already, the Lumberjack is not just a cake; it's a pudding too. A dance of dates and coconut that's basically a party in your mouth. And the Seedy Flapjack? Think of all things dark and sinister in the snack department – rich, seedy, and oh-so-satisfying, with a black coffee or on a breakfast menu.

Unfortunately it’s limited stocks, folks. We’re all about that handcrafted, quality vibe, so when they're gone, they're really gone. If you’re in the coffee shop biz, or running that chic farm shop or deli, and you’re on the lookout for some top-tier wholesale cakes – now's your time to shine.

So, to all our trade pals old and new, get those orders in. Let's bring back some good old days, but with a sprinkle of Exploding Bakery magic.

lumberjack cake dates apple butterscotch coconut exploding bakery recipe