At The Exploding Bakery, we believe that life's greatest pleasures are meant to be indulged—whether that's devouring a well-crafted novel or scoffing a booming slice of cake. Waterstones, a haven for literary explorers, and now cake lovers too.

Last year, we had the pleasure of launching our book at Waterstones in Exeter, so this partnership is quite fitting. Our book, "Bake it, Slice it, Eat it," is a collection of recipes straight from the heart of our bakery. It's a journey of buttery inspirations, mouthwatering delights, and a celebration of tray bake mayhem.

woman reading Bake it, Slice it, Eat it Book

And now, with great excitement, we see our book sitting proudly on the shelves of Waterstones, waiting to be discovered by those who seek inspiration both in the written word and in the kitchen. As you eat up the words of "Bake it, Slice it, Eat it," we hope that it whisks you away on a sweet adventure, urging you to roll up your sleeves, dust off the flour, and embark on your own baking escapades.


As our bakes find their way into Waterstones Cafés, we invite you to explore our cakes and the abundance of literature on the shelves of their stores, enhancing your reading experience one bite at a time.