Ten years. A full decade. That's how long we've been buddies with Danny at Climpsons and Sons. As we look back, it’s evident that the heart of our business isn’t just about brownies and coffees; it's about the relationships we nurture.

In a world that sometimes feels dominated by mega corporations, we, as small businesses, often find ourselves navigating challenging terrains. We compete, not just in terms of products or services, but in ethos, in community engagement, and in the authenticity of our interactions. However, in these ten years, our bond with Climpsons has taught us a vital lesson: In the quest for success, collaboration often triumphs over competition.

Burnt Enz

The generosity from Danny is his superpower. Remembering the open invitation for us to attend Burt Enz at the Climpson’s Arch when Dave Pynt and later when Tomos Parry were cooking up a storm. Or that time when he pulled the strings to get us an impossible table for 12 people, at Som Saa. This means something, it adds depth to our friendship, not in a way that something is owed, more like a tighter bond from acts of kindness.

We remember a time when coffee roasters did collaborations and hosted latte art smackdowns together, and we’d shout about the best bakes from other bakeries, and we still do, because we get excited about cakes and pastries. We’re keen to share information and shout about good things. That’s why a few years back we invited a guy called Matt, who was baking at the Climpsons Cafe, to come and spend a few days at our bakery and learn how we do things.


Climpson & Sons Team

There's a prevalent notion that business should be cut-throat, every entity for itself, protecting its secrets and strategies. But what if, instead of building higher walls, we built longer tables? What if, instead of hoarding knowledge, we shared it? It's a sentiment that's been echoed time and again in our partnership with Danny at Climpsons & Sons. By sharing information, insights, and even occasional tales of mishaps, we've not only bolstered each other's growth but have also fostered a sense of community that's hard to replicate.

Working with Climpsons has been more than just a business partnership. It’s been a journey of mutual growth, shared aspirations, and countless coffees. They've been more than just a supplier or a collaborator; they've been our friends. Over a beer or two, we've laughed, brainstormed, faced challenges, and celebrated milestones. We've become each other's cheerleaders, ensuring that even in the most testing times, we're never alone.

This decade-long friendship is a testament to the idea that business, at its core, is profoundly human. It's about forging connections, understanding each other's strengths and vulnerabilities, and working hand in hand towards shared goals.

Oliver Coysh Exploding Bakery with Danny Davies Climpson & Sons

As we mark this ten-year milestone, we’re reminded of a vital truth: In the vast landscape of commerce, small businesses like ours have a unique strength. Our size allows us to be agile, to adapt, to create, and most importantly, to connect on a personal level. And when we combine these strengths, when we choose collaboration over competition, we create something truly powerful. A force that even the “big boys” would reckon with.

To Climpsons & Sons, here's to ten years of friendship, and to the countless more ahead. And to all our fellow small businesses, remember: Together, we are stronger. Let’s make the next decade about fostering relationships, sharing knowledge, and supporting each other in every possible way. 

Climpson & Sons Coffee Roastery