There's a current buzz about being a member of the 'B-Corporation'. This is a smashing step forward. We're lucky to be friends with some of the B Corp legends like St. Eval Candles in Cornwall (On-Site wind turbine and a whopper of a pond for the local critters) and Casa Luker over in Colombia (they're big on trees and treating their folks right).

 Exploding Bakery Cake and St Eval Candles

Being in the B-Corp club? It's like the business version of your coffee being Fair Trade. Good stuff, right? But here’s the low down: just like “Fair Trade” doesn’t always mean everyone’s getting their fair share, B-Corp has its quirks.

The nitty-gritty of getting into the B Corp group? It's a bit like trying to be called 'Organic' - stacks of paper and a fair bit of cash. We’ve had customers walk out of our café when they didn’t see 'organic' on our coffee. Hey, please come back! We didn't even get a chance to explain that those farmers are all about organic – it’s just the red tape and coin that keeps them from the title.

 Casa Luker Chocolate

Even with the B Corp stamp, sometimes things go a bit pear-shaped. Big names like Unilever are now flaunting the B-Corp badge, but they still have their scrapes - think palm oil woes and being a bit too thirsty in dry spots. Stack them against champs like St. Eval? You see the dilemma.

Now, we haven't gotten round to the whole B-Corp certification thing. Not saying we won't, but we won't stop doing the right thing either way. All we’re saying is, don’t be too quick to judge. If you have found a small company you love with no badges to shout about, do a bit of snooping. Get to know their story, and back them up the best you can.