Roundhill Coffee La Claudina Speciality Coffee Colombian natural filter



TASTE Tropical Fruit, Lingonberry, Marmalade
ORIGIN Colombia
FARM La Claudina
VARIETAL Caturra & Castillo
PROCESS Extended Fermentation Natural 
ALTITUDE 1400 - 1800 masl

Roundhill originally bought a coffee like this one in 2018 and over the years have developed a close relationship with Juan and this year they have 5 different coffees from his two farms.

This particular coffee (lot number 4) has been grown on the farm La Claudina.  After picking, the cherry has been fermented in water for 24 hours and then dry fermented for 24 hours before the next stage of drying.  Each of the upcoming lots will be moderately different in initial process but very different in the cup. 

The drying phases is more standard but what sets Juan’s coffees out from other producers is the use of a cold dryer which was originally designed for drying fruit (like apricots). Juan will keep the cherry for several days drying at a set humidity and a set temperature range of between 25 and 40 degrees Celsius. The initial stage of drying is done here before the coffee is moved to raised beds, this is because the initial drying, when the moisture content in the cherry is the highest is a crucial time that affects the favour profile the most. The end result is a super clean natural, with balanced levels of fermentation.


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