From the cozy confines of his basement in Exeter, Devon, Matt throws masterpieces. No grand studios or ostentatious displays, just the raw essence of an artist completely immersed in his craft. The journey of Crooked Clay, Crooked Clay is as enchanting as its name (A play on the title of Pavement’s Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain album). Since 2016, when Matt first let the allure of pottery pull him in, he’s been on an exhilarating expedition of self-discovery and creation.

 Crooked Clay, Crooked Clay 6oz Flat White Cup Exploding Bakery Cafe

The wheel, the movement, the dance of the clay – it was all too enthralling. That initial fascination wasn’t a fleeting passion. Instead, it became the very core of his work, the soul that guides his hands every time he crafts. His pieces aren't just pots – they’re stories of motion and emotion, a visual and tactile representation of the potter's dance with the wheel.

Matt’s choice of materials is a blend of simplicity and sophistication. Through the blending of white and stained porcelain clays, he creates designs that are rich, vibrant, and distinctly unique. And while the insides of his creations shimmer with glaze, the tactile outsides are left untouched, raw, and undeniably honest – a testament to the potter's connection with nature and his reverence for authenticity.

What's even more mesmerising is his ambition: every pot he crafts aims to not just contain but to convey the very process of its creation. It's a tangible journey from the wheel's spin to the final, fired product, with each piece echoing the rhythm, flow, and sheer magic of pottery.

Now, back to our beloved flat white cup, one of Matt’s many masterpieces. With its tapered foot giving an illusion of levitation and the black-and-white clay swirl capturing the dance of creation from the wheel, it's like holding a section of time in your hands, a unique photograph of when Matt decided the spinning clay was at the right amount of blending from the two different clays. The raw, unglazed exterior connects you instantly to that basement in Exeter, to the wheel's hum, and to Matt's swirling vision. The heat from the coffee will enter your hands, transferring energy in a serene but soul warming way. It provides a deeper experience than just sipping from a paper cup or a mass produced bit of porcelain.

So, here's a toast to Matt and his incredible journey with Crooked Clay, Crooked Clay. The next time you lift that cup for a sip, remember you're not just holding coffee – you’re holding a piece of art, passion and the soul of a potter who pours his heart into every creation. We think this level of detail is paralleled by the same passion that goes into the coffee. The growing, the roasting and lastly the attention to detail our baristas apply, to make an outstanding cup of coffee. Now it will taste even better when made in a cup from Crooked Clay, Crooked Clay.