Do you make Wedding or Birthday cakes to order?

We don't make cakes to order or alter our ingredients or recipes. We only sell the tried and tested cakes from our price list. If you'd like to order cakes to be delivered at a venue, then please use one of our distributors (details on the cakes page). But order a day in advance to give the cakes time to thaw.

Alternatively contact our baker Sara, who runs her own bespoke cake company in Exeter - www.saraspetitecuisine.co.uk

Why do you freeze your cakes?

The main reason we do this is to protect the cake during transit and it ensures the cake arrives in one piece. Cake is very fragile. Freezing also preserves flavour and prolongs the shelf life without damaging the structure of cake. We can't tell the difference between a cake that's been frozen cake and one that's hasn't.

Why do you mark your cakes?

Our cakes are marked into portions as they come out of the oven. Because we gear our production towards cafes, farm shops & delis, the portion control makes it easier for the staff who work in these places. 

Why do we have to add the icing on the carrot cake?

We provide a vacuum bag of cream cheese icing for the carrot cake. Again, this protects the cake and ensures it looks its best when put out on display
(we have a cake icing tutorial video to accompany). 

Why the name?

Tom comes from a long line of bakers and actually his relatives still bake in Sherborne. But many moons ago, his great granddad's bakery exploded due to a static build up from the flour particles rubbing together. Luckily we don't keep that much flour.

 What bread do you bake?

We specialise in cakes, although we make a very limited amount of white sour dough loaves using organic unbleached flour from Gilchesters. We don't make wholesale bread, but we can recommend Coombeshead Farm in the South West. Or Hobbs House Bakery for the rest of the country.

We no longer make soda bread, but click here for our recipe.

 Can I pick up a whole cake from the cafe?

Sorry. We can no longer service selling to the public directly, but please feel free to use one of our distributors. We also have slices of cake available to buy on the counter in the cafe.

 Do you have a minimum order?

Some of our distributors do. You can find their details on the Wholesale page.

Do you have Gluten Free cakes?

Yes we do, we have a range of different Gluten Free cakes and some Dairy Free, plus a couple of Vegan cakes.
If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to contact us.